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Our background

In 1991, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored an art exhibition in Xiamen (Fujian) displaying works by Vincent Van Gogh. In 1994, the non-profit Foundation EuSino became the spin-off of this successful event.

Our mission

At EuSino Foundation we wish to inspire and promote international exchange and cooperation in order to create structural partnerships between commercial and cultural organizations both from China and Europe. We believe that the economic growth and modernization of China is of benefit to the whole world. We also invite you to join us and empower Europe on its way to economic prosperity.

Our vision

EuSino is determined to play a leading role in cooperation between China and Europe.It will sustain this by using efficient, intercultural communication tools to create understanding and long-lasting relationships. We have confidence that China will safeguard the China Dream for future generations, and we are sharing this ambition.