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Our style

EuSino respects the Chinese style of handling projects: avoid extremes, and rather not manage- people, focus on roles rather than rules, and strive to keep all the project elements in harmony. We coordinate projects from various flexible locations, while acting as a team.

Our dedicated team consists of a general manager, senior advisors, and representatives in China and Europe. We hire project managers on demand. Our team members are specialists in time-management and show flexibility in interacting with the different levels of organizations during the dynamic process. In each stage, every activity can grow to be a new project, and our team is well prepared for it.

Contact: We focus on our strong network in China and The Netherlands. We select the people and organizations in our network at the start of a new project and realize opportunities in close cooperation with our network.

Concept: Together with our client and supported by our extensive network we construct a draft version of a business plan based on the market. We set the right conditions to create the most suitable possibilities. We do this by matching the interests from both sides and properly analyzing each other's value.

Project: We work with ambitious goals but a realistic timeframe (business plan) in which werealize these goals together with our partners and client. We select partnersduring this phase and make sure there is a clear financial outlook.

Contract: We realize contracts with excellent conditions for our clientsin China and The Netherlands, with the right partners, a bright vision, and our unique project approach. We sometimes join as a partner or stay involved as an external advisor.