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Our milestones

Advisor Jinan City

Business Advisor for Jinan City, ShandongProvince, P.R. China

Representative Horticultural Expo

Representative of 2011 Xi'an InternationalHorticultural Expo in The Netherlands

Advisor Liaoning Province

EuSino is the only business representative forLiaoning Province in Europe

Advisor China Aviation Industry

Business Advisor for China Aviation IndustrialBase in Xi'an, P.R. China

Advisor Agri Hi-Tech Demo Zone Yangling

EuSino is advisor of the State Agri Hi-TechIndustries Demo Zone Yangling, P.R. China

Co-Founder NSBC

EuSino is co-founder of the North- HollandShandong Business Council

  • North-Holland Province and Shandong Province established a sister partnership. Since then, EuSino is actively involved in activities of bilateral cooperation and mutual exchange between these two parties.

  • A trade mission to Shandong and Liaoning for outsourcing was organized by the Chamber of Commerce Northwest-Holland, NSBC and EuSino.

  • The mayor of Xian and the mayor of Delft signed a partnership, aimed at promoting cooperation in the area of higher education and high-tech.

  • EuSino, together with a consortium, organized a PESP project of modernization of pig breeding and housing system in Shandong China.

  • EuSino participated in the production of the documentary film The Chinese are coming (VPRO television).

  • The Liaoning-Holland Agribusiness Meeting was held in Amsterdam. The match-making was highly successful. EuSino became the exclusive business representative for Liaoning Province in The Netherlands and Europe

  • North-Holland-Shandong Business Council (NSBC) was founded under the umbrella of the sister provincial relationship between North-Holland and Shandong. EuSino is one of its founding members.

  • EuSino assisted WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) to join the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT Xiamen). Attracting Chinese investment is the prime focus.

  • Keukenhof was officially introduced to China by EuSino through a photo exhibition in Beijing, sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.