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Europe 2020 is the EU's growth strategy. In a changing world, the EU is committed to a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. 2020 stands for huge investments in transport infrastructure, energy, broadband networks. China will be one of the main investors in the world, and encourages companies to go abroad.

Investments and knowledge platform

Get2EU is a platform where Chinese investors can find investment opportunities in European cities. Investment opportunities Get2EU will provide detailed and up-to-date offer information online, thereby promoting a favorable investment climate.


Chinese investors have access to information about the cities that are profiled and can always contact the Get2EU team to get additional information. Get2EU will offer a number of services - such as a European headquarters-related to legal issues, and facilitating and strengthening Euro-China business relations.


GET2EU main customers are Chinese independent - and state-owned enterprises.


EuSino Foundation works in Europe together with governmental agencies and investment accounting and law firms. In China EuSino works with CIFIT (China International Fair for Investment and Trade).

EuSino is offering a special Investment Service "GET2EU