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Visa Services

EuSino Foundation can provide you with a quick and secure Visa Service.

Our dedicated offices will assist you in preparing the right documents, ensuring a succesful application.

Visa forbusiness partners from China

-Inform you on the application procedure.

-Providing an Invitation Letter.

-If you wish to employ person(s) from China you will need to apply for a work permit (TWV).

If the period of stay in The Netherlands will belonger than 90 days, an application of

a MVV (Machtinging Voorlopig Verblijf) is obligatory before the person(s) travel to The Netherlands.

After 90 days you also need to apply for a residence permit.

Visa for business partners from The Netherlands

-Writing a letter of invitation for multi-entry visa to China.

-Handling of procedure of multi-entry visa for 6 months or one year.